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Hey friend,

Photography is my passion and I’m downright obsessed with it too! I truly enjoy sharing it with fabulous folks like yourself. I recently got married in August of 2017,  and I share my world with my wonderful husband and two furkiddos. When I’m not shooting a wedding, engagement or a portrait session, you can find me cooking, traveling places to photograph, and hanging out with my family.

A little more about my passion for photography

I’ve got a deep passion for the art of photography, and it all grew because of my mom! It all began when I was a young teenager going to every high school sport game my older sister played, and my mom photographing every game. I remember still to this day, the day I first asked my mom if I can hold her camera and take photos of Angela in the field. On the off days from school sports, my mom and I would travel places to photograph nature and local landscapes. This created a stronger bond and mutal passion for photography. Unfortunately, not long after in 1999 at the age of 15 years old, my mother had passed unexpectedly. I soon became more in love with photography not only because I was able to photograph just about everything, but because my mother was still living within me and in her camera that I used. Losing someone so close to my heart changed me in ways I didn’t think, and where it would bring me to today.

As a Magna Cum Laude, fine art photography graduate in 2011 from the New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester NH, I opened up my own business as Annie Holt Photography. Since 2011, I have been booking a wide variety of photography jobs, but mainly focusing on weddings and portraits. Photographing people means much more to me then just ‘photographing people’, its a way to capture that moment, to treasure that moment, so that you’ll always have something to look back on. We never know what will happen today, tomorrow or the next, so I say: TAKE A BUNCH OF PHOTOS, HOLD ONTO THEM WITHIN YOUR HEART, AND NEVER LET THEM GO!

My promise and commitment to photography is huge!

I would love to share my passion with you on your wedding day, a engagement shoot, or family portrait session.

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